Nurse on Assignment

Nurse on Assignment - cover

Nurse on Assignment

Today’s nurse is Linda. She is a painfully shy blonde nurse. Her career seems to be faltering, so she agrees to take care of Uncle Sheldon as his personal nurse. But wait! Klint (yes, he spells his name with a K) is the handsome son of the owner of the  Pirates’ Roundezvous (the place they are staying). Naturally, there are some misunderstandings, but by the end of the book Linda has conquered her fears of everything. Romance fixes everything.

By the way, this book looked every bit its age. Binding, tape, and stains decorated this book. I can’t imagine this book still having the audience it did in the 1970s. Yes, it is still in circulation, and yes, it could still be popular with that community. (But I doubt it.)




Page 26-27

Pages 188-189

Nurse on Assignment - inside cover


  1. “His moonlike face bright with eagerness”???? She “basked in the warmth of her insight”?????I think she needs to turn in her nurse’s whites for some purple prose.

  2. it must be spring at pirate’s rendevous – everyone’s either overdressed of underdressed

  3. Klint McKlintock? For real? That’s the best they could do? Also, does Linda wear full nurse regalia on the beach, white tights and all? And that man on the cover, who I’m assuming is Klint McSamename, seems a bit disproportionate. Good thing there’s someone with medical training around, I guess.

  4. Klint McKlintock!? Really? Was Francis not aware that since her book was fiction she was allowed to name the characters whatever she liked?

  5. OK, is it just me, or does no one else find the idea of playing nurse to your own uncle to be really creepy? Didn’t we just just have a creepy uncle book a few days ago?

    1. Without actually reading the book, I say that doing reasonable favours for a rich relative is generally a good idea – although these days maybe a break like that in your professional career doesn’t look good – and well done to uncle (whom I’m assuming is rich) for not hiring himself a non-related probably female nurse to take advantage of instead.

      As for whether people still read this sort of thing, well, presumably you know that. Apparently they are still being produced, but with more sex in, and running out of titles, which like race-horse names can’t be re-used, so you get “The Surgeon’s Fatherhood Surprise”. Although for me “Nurse on Assignment” doesn’t really describe what this book appears to have as the situation. Maybe that is what that sort of job is called. But otherwise, “Nurse on an Island” seems to fit better, if they are on an island. “Nurse on the Beach” if not. Say what you see.

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