Nude Olympics

Olympic Spirit coverThe Olympic Spirit: 100 Years of the Games

Submitter: Aside from being 26 years old, I also noticed this had quite an eye-catching image on the frontispiece. Was he performing a Rhythmic Ribbon routine and had a mishap? And what’s with the guy peering in from behind him ?

Notice that the publisher is none other than… Stop & Shop. Weeded from my middle school library.

Holly: I think the nude guy is doing rhythmic ribbon, and the creeper behind him is either waving a flag or checking out the backside. There’s another nude in the bottom left corner. Was nude Olympics a thing 100 years ago?

Olympic spirit title page

Olympic spirit frontpiece


  1. I don’t know about 100 years ago, but I read somewhere that in the Ancient Olympics the athletes had to perform while buck naked. Maybe it was because they didn’t want women to perform in the games, or the games that only the men were allowed to play, so being naked kept women from impersonating the opposite sex.

  2. Nude Olympics was a thing in the original, but not when they restarted in Victorian times!

    Also, it looks like the ribbon is wound around… yeah. Must have gotten a lot of laughs from the middle-schoolers. And the other guy is definitely checking out the butt while waving a flag.

    Nowadays we make do with the shirtless greased-up Tongan flag bearer.

    1. I think it’s the poster for the 1912 Stockholm Olympics (Jim Thorpe competed there). Where’s the old German flag ?

  3. > Notice that the publisher is none other than… Stop & Shop.

    Would someone mind explaining this? I don’t get the reference. Is it something naughty?

  4. So wait, you’re NOT supposed to get nude and wrap the ribbon around your ding dong when you compete?

    That would explain the looks I’ve been getting…

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