Nuclear Emergency! Are you ready?

Nuclear Emergency coverNuclear Emergency
How to Protect Your Family From Radiation

This book looks older than it is. I keep thinking that this isn’t terribly different from our posts from the Cold War era. ┬áMost of the advice is like the chapter on Nuclear Explosions, below. Don’t look at the blast, etc. The entire book is underwhelming. However, I am glad to see the late Allen Ludden doing his part during a nuclear blast. I feel safer already.


Nuclear Emergency back cover

Expedient Shelters

radiation sickness

nuclear flash

Nuclear explosions

Radiological monitoring equipment


  1. I’ve never understood how “don’t look at the flash” was suppose to work. Until the flash happens, you’re not going to know where to not look. Its great advice if you’re at a bomb test site, but nowhere else.

  2. When you post books, I always try to guess the approximate copyright date by looking at the cover. Was I ever wrong on this one! I though it must have come out in the 1950’s.

  3. This looks like a reprint to me. The cover art has those Civil Defense geiger counters that were issued in the 60s and maybe 70s. The damage photos are probably from a hurricane or tornado.

  4. Every day I breathe a sigh of relief that Atomic weapons were used so soon after invention that it was quickly realised how revolting and stupid they are. Imagine if they’d waited and there had been a nuclear war with bigger, nastier bombs & missiles in the ’50s, ’60s or ’70s?

  5. Earlier this year I learned about ‘Threads’; that cheery and delightful BBC movie about nuclear war. Since then I’ve done enough research on nuclear weapons and radiation to give myself a really good scare. I’m surprised that a book from 1997 doesn’t reference Three Mile Island or Chernobyl. If this book discusses ‘Duck and Cover’ at all, it might be best to recycle it.

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