Now this won’t hurt a bit…

coverMichael and the Dentist

Submitter: This book was weeded from an elementary school library because it does not give a child in the year 2013 an accurate picture of what it’s like to visit the dentist. The equipment looks down-right scary & the poor kid in the book has to choose between the dentist’s “magic orange machine” or a large hypodermic needle. The nitrous oxide mask looks like a crushed soda can over his face! Even his mother looks concerned (though she hides it pretty well behind her Jackie-O style glasses).

Holly: The dentist looks like Eugene Levy! Is that Michael’s mom lurking in the doorway on the cover?

meet the dentist

hypodermic syringe
needle or gas choice
Michael chooses gas


  1. Dentistry has changed so much in the last 30 years. You’d think an Elementry school library would have a book not as scary.

  2. If I were a kid and saw this book in the library, the cover alone would cause me to throw a screaming fit when my mom said she was taking me to the dentist. Yikes!

  3. Did someone doodle on the cover? Also, I would image a modern book would cover (in some way) dental hygienists as well as dentists.

  4. I agree, Dinah! I’ve never had issues with the dentist – maybe because I never saw this kind of book in my school library!

  5. What timing! I just had a root canal done this morning.

    This book is truly awful – mom is tense, kid is panicking, doctor is creepy (“I think you would have a lot more fun with Mr. Orange Machine”? Really?). There are such better books out there on this subject.

  6. This was probably the book in the dentists’ waiting room on the coffee table…

  7. I wonder if there was a sequel book where the boy needed braces and dealt with an orthodontist? 🙂

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