Now Bonnie Does Exercise!

Now Bonnie Does Exercise - CoverHow to Keep Slender and Fit After Thirty
Pocket Books edition, 1970

Oh my! The leotard is the best feature on this cover!  A quick WorldCat search revealed quite a few public libraries are hanging on to this antique exercise book!  Lots of the exercises presented are yoga moves so I don’t think this is THAT awful but I certainly hope there is more current stuff available in those libraries.  Don’t you love how over 30 is old?  In the meantime enjoy these exercises.  I particularly like the entry on how to walk properly!


Now Bonnie Does Exercise - back cover

Now Bonnie Does Exercise - Pages 108 and 109

Now Bonnie Does Exercise - Pages 160 to 161

Now Bonnie Does Exercise - the art of walking


  1. Poll:

    What’s more awesome: grievously outdated exercise books, or grievously outdated cookbooks?

    I’m leaning toward exercise, but I could be swayed.

  2. I think grievously outdated computer books, or interior decorating books, or medical books, or . . .

    OK, I vote for cookbooks. I LOVE reading old cookbooks.

  3. Cookbooks definitely. If you’re interested, look for the FLickr group tituled “That food looks TERRIBLE”. Meat Recipes for the 1960s and the Tested Recipe Institute!

  4. The problem with old cookbooks is they don’t have pictures. It’s far more fun to look at cookbooks with hunger-inducing pictures that make you want to immediately rush to the kitchen and make things.

    I personally have a fondness for old medical books. I love seeing how much has changed.

  5. I love old fashion books. Looking back on how people once cared about how they looked when they left the house is awesome. Then I go to CostCo where the women are shopping in their pajamas and the men with their pants hanging down their butts.

  6. @Sarah: I’d go with the exercise books–you don’t cook in a polkadot leotard! But let’s not forget anything Disco for pure fashion audacity!

  7. That’s a unitard, not a leotard. Get it right, folks!

    @Sarah – Definitely exercise books are worse, unless the cookbook involves microwaves or price guides.

  8. I didn’t even know unitards like those were around in the 60’s and 70’s, or was Bonnie just a decade ahead of her time?

  9. Thanks to a quick Wikipedia search, Ms. Prudden actually seems pretty awesome. :o) She was concerned with how schools didn’t actually teach any functional phys ed, and so she gave exercise classes to her daughters and their friends, and had a hand in creating the President’s Council on Fitness … this is all noble work. And the stuff in this cheesetastic book actually seems pretty fun! And she’s even apparently just published her “fit after fifty” book in 2011. You go, Bonnie! ;o)

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