Not so Magnificent

magnificent macrame cover

Magnificent Macrame

Another macrame book for your consideration. I dislike this one for being ridiculously oversized and square. (I really dislike oversize books.) If macrame is your thing, than I suppose this isn’t too bad. The crafts seem to be mostly wall hangings. (Ugh!) There is also that earthy 1970s brown, harvest gold, and avocado green theme throughout the book. I think it is time to admit that maybe 1970s decor wasn’t that great. (In case you need more evidence: this book on home decor, or this one, and especially this one by Barbara Taylor Bradford.

The only thing I could possibly get on board with is the hammock on the front cover. The tassels are a bit much for my taste, but good try.


basic equipment

christmas tree

scented panel

key holder



  1. O Macramé tree you get dusty, we toss you in the washer…

    …not just for Christmas, it’s for life (till its death do you part).

  2. Macrame wall hangings should be outlawed by the Geneva Convention.

    Also, people who did macrame must not have had cats. And didn’t mind their decor accumulating tons of dust.

    The hammock’s OK, but the tassels are both too “extra” and a lot of unnecessary work.

    The squareness of the book led to a lot of wasted white space as well as making it hard to shelve.

  3. So many ugly colors in the 70s. Maybe it was to hide the stains from the tobacco smoke that filled every room in that decade. Of course, not all of it was tobacco. 🙂

  4. The hanging with all the pockets is actually kind of clever and cute (for then), but I still wouldn’t make it now.

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