1. Renee Zellweger’s head looks photoshopped in by an amateur. Were there no better pictures of the happy couple?

  2. Ugh, that guy who thinks he’s going back to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave any day now is on the back cover.
    On the front cover, Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey are divorced, as is Matt LeBlanc. Jason Priestly seems to still be married.

      1. No, it’s Melania. (I saw the back cover thanks to an ebay seller if anyone wants to take a look.)

    1. “That guy who thinks he’s going back to 1600 Pennsylvania”: Aaaaah, He Who Must Not Be Named !

  3. Nope, definitely not the three mentioned. I can’t identify the couples on the cover, can anyone?

    1. The largest pic is Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey, and the bottom right is Britney and K-Fed. Bottom left is Jason Priestley and his wife (don’t know who she is), and I think top right is Matt LeBlanc? Not sure who the bottom middle couple is.

  4. Top left: Jessica Simpson and some ribbon
    Top right: Matt Leblanc and wife Melissa
    Bottom left: Jason Priestly and his wife Naomi
    Bottom right: Brittany Spears and Kevin Federline
    I used google search for the ones I didn’t know. Unfortunately, the algorithm for the Black couple gave me ridiculous results, i.e., Kanye and Kim (really?) and “African-American wedding stock photo collection”

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