No Pants Yoga

Illustrated Color Guide to Healthful YogaIllustrated Color Guide to Healthful Yoga

Submitter: In cleaning up a collection, we found this Awful Library gem… Illustrated Color Guide to Healthful Yoga. I think the pictures speak for themselves – who does yoga in their underwear? Found in an academic library. The cover really doesn’t do the book justice – it’s what’s inside.

Holly: Dear readers, feast your eyes on this!

Yoga - the dog

Yoga - The Chair

Yoga pose

yoga poses


  1. There is such a thing as nude yoga classes here in Canada! I’m not sure this books illustrations will entice readers though. Kept up the good work ladies!

  2. This book almost qualifies as soft-core porn given some of the positions those two are in!

    And what is up with naked guy crawling down the page like a Manson girl crawling down the street?

  3. As a young in-the-closet gay boy, this is the kind of book I would have found on a dusty back shelf while I was hunkered down in the library, and then spent way too long looking at. Back then (late ’70s to early ’80s) there weren’t a lot of options…

    1. I was thinking “is leotard girl the beard to get this published?” So, yes.

      The guy looks nude in the “Dog” photo, which has to be deliberate. There’s no reason for his “outfit” to be so scanty (even back then, when men’s swimsuits were almost this small as a rule), nor for it to be white when the lady’s in black.

      OTOH, Donat also wrote about Tantric Yoga, so maybe this was supposed to be a fun thing couples did before they went to the key party and ate savory Jello foods before hitting the waterbed.

      It’s all very 70s. Not MY 70s — I was probably watching “Brady Bunch” reruns when this came out.

  4. Where on earth is that guy buying his chairs?!

    Also, the last photo is a different man. I’m torn between wanting to believe they didn’t share the same yoga panties and hoping that there never was more than one pair in the world…

  5. “The Chair” picture looks almost like a dog sitting up and begging.

    The following picture… well, I’ll just say she’s enjoying what she’s staring at, way too much for a public place! (While he seems to be trying not to laugh.)

  6. It looks like it came out at the same time as the original “Joy of Sex” – similar positions/lack of clothing. I imagine that if we had it at any of the libraries I’ve worked at, it would have been stolen long ago.

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