No Double Balling

Bowling for Everyone coverBowling for Everyone

Submitter: It’s not that the information in the book is out of date, it’s just that the photos make it feel dated. I think that if this was republished with updated photos, then you might have a winner.

Holly: The pictures (below) are priceless. That could be my Grandpa and my Dad in the 70s, living the dream with their bowling league. What the heck is the guy doing spiking the bowling ball, though? Not cool, sir. I also learned that “double balling” is disapproved of. I should say so.

Bowling for Everyone contents

First step pendulum swing

Left handed bowler

Back swing too high

Bowling etiquette


  1. Somehow, these pictures “strike” me as very sweet (ha). I’d like to believe that our male models were a real-life father/son bowling team. In fact, I can imagine an entire 1970’s sitcom about their wacky adventures as bowling instructors. Maybe Dad was a swingin’ ladies’ man in his day, and now he tries to set the shy, awkward Son up with each new lady student…with hilarious results?

    1. Yes! Playing August 17 at the fabulous Coolidge Corner Theatre! Get your tickets now, as it will surely sell out. The contests beforehand are almost worth the price of admission (I came in second one year, dressed as the Sam Elliott character!). But — Walter or Jesus?

  2. Cover: Looks like President Merkin Muffley and Dr. Strangelove go bowling here…

    1. Scoring is computerized? That takes away from the experience IMO. Part of the game, figuring out how to fill in those sheets. Even more of a challenge with real bowling, or, as non-New-Englanders may call it, Candlepins. That’s a challenge, not like those giant balls that are so big and heavy you need holes in them just to pick them up.

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