NLW15: Another Romance in the Stacks

Library Tree coverThe Library Tree

As we close out National Library Week, we have yet another romance in the stacks. Our librarian wanna-be is Carolyn, who got the job at the library thanks to her powerful and connected uncle. Naturally, the handsome director is a complete jerk and a political “enemy” of Carolyn’s uncle and doesn’t want her on the staff. Uncle and his cohorts on the board override his concerns and she is hired. Aside from the jerk boss, Carolyn likes the job.

The boss is still not happy and is undermining Carolyn or yelling at her for one thing or another. Carolyn, however, finally gets to a point that she is going to resign. ¬†WHEN SUDDENLY, the long lost dad who abandoned her years ago contacts her and wants to reconcile. Of course he is dying. Literally. Jerk director man drives her to the hospital and tells the father he is Carolyn’s fiance. Jerk director guy wants her dying father to know she will be “taken care of.” THE BIG REVEAL: He really loves her and wants her to go to library school. Cue the music.

I know all of you are wiping your tears and are so happy for Carolyn now that she has everything: a library career AND a man!

Happy National Library Week everyone! I hope all of you got lots of praise and cash this week.


Library Tree back cover

Library Tree chapter 2


  1. Yesss!! A true classic! When I was a teenage library page and I was graduating from high school, my co-pages found this gem in the book sale storage in the basement and gave it to me for my going away present!

  2. Sound like Carolyn has no backbone and needs a man’s approval or help to: get a job, drive to hospital, approve of her career choice.

    1. I KNOW, right? An hour’s baby-sitting would pay for a book. Not that I was reading Harlequins, but the sci-fi was just as cheap…

  3. Will she really have a library career now that she’s been “claimed” by a man? It’s the early ’70’s but he sounds like one of those who will demand that she leave work once the first kid is born. He doesn’t look like the type to let “his woman” work.

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