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libraries and how to use them

Libraries and How to Use Them

Another library book about libraries. Although geared to kids, it is pretty text heavy and the illustrations are just okay. As much as I could appreciate some definitions of library jargon, this book probably has more depth in some pages than a library science textbook. All in all, it isn’t the worst, but it is woefully dated.

I also kept looking at the cover and thinking it was some kind of pattern, like a stained glass window. It took me a while to realize that the groovy cover really was a bunch of books on a shelf. In 1979, this book is decent but in 2021. Somebody should weed this and submit it as supplemental reading for an intro to library science course.


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  1. Mary — I thought the same about the cover. Also that in 1979, I lived in a house that was those colors.

    This really does look like an intro textbook for Library 101. Back then, the previous book was pretty much what kids or even teens needed.

    1. We did have nice grass-green carpets upstairs.

      And thankfully Mom was very firm against Avocado Green, plus our brown was darker. But the gold and orange are spot-on.

      (I still have a couple of those orange towels. They don’t make ’em like they used to.)

  2. The cover reminded me of the Frank Lloyd Wright “Saguaro” design, though with less pleasing colors.

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