NLW 2022: Internet Resources circa 2001

Librarian's Quick Guide to Internet Resources cover

Librarian’s Quick Guide to Internet Resources
2nd Edition

Since it is National Library Week, Holly and I usually feature some titles related to libraries and or librarians. Since both of us have been in library work from what seems like the beginning of time, this book was literally a blast from the past. I know that in 2001 both Holly and I would have embraced this book as a bible to the Internet.

Back in the day we constantly curated pathfinders/reference guides for our own use at the reference desk. At the time, Google was only a few years old and Web 2.0 wasn’t a thing. There was also a lot of resistance in the profession to embrace technology. The more tech motivated librarians at the time would have loved this book for it’s practical ready reference sources and it’s logical organization.

Yes, to putting this into an archive so future generations can appreciate Alta Vista, Angelfire, and other old timey websites.  Say no, to keeping it in a library’s professional collection. The author says as much in the introduction to this book.

A reminder to everyone:

  • Use your professional collection often!
  • Weed your professional collection often!

Happy NLW from an old timey librarian,


back cover

Introduction to book

search engines

Chat and Instant Messanger

search engines -standard


  1. I was tasked with creating a manual for web use at my business around this time. I had had a computer for almost ten years (Back in the DOS 3.2 days) so with my dial up modem and a subscription clip art site I cobbled together a book not unlike this one. I came across a copy while spring cleaning this weekend and laughed at my “innovations” and practice sessions I developed to help the staff better use this wonderful new research and communication tool. It reminded me of all of those “life in the future” films we saw in Middle School made by IBM and Monsanto. Boy did we get things wrong.

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