Nice Girls Do!

Nice Girls Do coverNice Girls Do
and now you can too!

Ladies, here is your permission to love sex as much as the guys. Kassorla uses what she calls the “pleasure process.”  Couples are encouraged to let down inhibitions and communicate with your partner. This book is a fine choice for a library in the early 80s. In some situations, it might even be considered a bit radical for assuming the ladies are entitled to enjoy sex.

This book is very much a product of the times. The advice is simple and has overtones of Transactional Analysis. The examples are dated, and of course I would like to think that maybe (that is a big maybe) we have progressed a bit in regards to women’s sexuality.

So ladies, go out and discard your “tv dinner” sex life and try the banquet!


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  1. Here’s an excellent interview with the author that was done around the time the book came out:,,20078811,00.html
    She sounds wonderfully ahead of her time. I think there are people who could do with hearing this kind of advice today. (Of course, it’s time to weed the book, and get a more up-to-date version.)

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