New and Improved

now with extra shineSo, we are officially up and running with our new theme. We are happy to say that this theme is significantly more mobile friendly, secure, and functional than our former site. We are excited about our new look and hopefully don’t look 9 years old (which is ancient in Internet years.) Everything is still here and in virtually the same place as before. Let us know in the comments or email us at submit (at) if there is something that needs our attention. We are still tweaking the site, so more content and small changes will be coming soon.

Mary and Holly


  1. Maybe it gives better layout on mobile, but it is worse layout on desktop.

    Compare e.g. with Ghost-hosted Troy Hunt blog, or Media.

  2. Just my two cents… “mobile friendly” never translates, for me, into friendlier desktop sites. I rarely visit my “regulars” on my phone. Hopefully your other readers are different and like the new look.

  3. It’s different, so now it sucks! (jk)

    It’ll take some adjustment. I liked being able to read the start of the entries without clicking, but I think I can live with the mild inconvenience of an extra action.

  4. I strongly, strongly dislike this new layout. It looks more cluttered and now we barely get to see any of the preview text for the books like we could before without clicking through. The old layout was simple and made logical sense for desktop. I thought it was a late April Fool’s joke when the change-over happened as I was browsing.

  5. Welp, I’ve seen the new and improved. Is there any way I can go back to old and inferior?

  6. Nice update, but post navigation is lacking. Add navigation between posts at the top of each post page. That is where is was present on the previous site. Right now it’s a tiny button at the bottom below the post and tags.

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