“New” Data on Aerobics

the aerobics way

The Aerobics Way
New data on the world’s most popular exercise program

Aerobics was just beginning to be the exercise fad when this was published. Most folks would probably credit Jane Fonda’s 1982 workout tape. This is more a discussion of aerobic activity and all the supporting data. It really isn’t any kind of workout, but more of the science and studies related to heart and lung function. A dated book, but I have a feeling this became the springboard for the aerobic dancing exercise fad.

Taking your own pulse and getting into the zone was a part of every aerobics class I ever did. Jane Fonda translated this into a dance/exercise routine. I think she was also responsible for the myriad of exercise wear that was a big part of the fashion. Hair bands and leg warmers were a part of the rage, even if you weren’t exercising. If I had to pick a cultural artifact from the 1980s, the workout video would probably be on the list.

At the time, this would have been a good purchase for a medical collection. At the time, heart disease was a priority topic. I remember when having a heart attack nearly always ended in death during these years. Bottom line: good choice in the late 1970s or early 80s, bad choice for 2020.


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  1. You can tell it’s legit because he has a lab coat, a stethescope, AND a clipboard!

    Bet he didn’t have any data on how badly done aerobics can ruin your joints, how some people literally cannot get into the “zone”, or the damage done to the ozone layer by all the hairspray used to keep those hairdos in place!

    I had a friend who was a Jazzercise addict. I took one aerobics class just to satisfy my college PE requirement and noped out after that.

    Jane Fonda still looks pretty good, though.

  2. I’m amused by the cover photo & the weird / borderline-creepy setup. “Yeah, just put on a doctor’s outfit and look serious with a clipboard next to this jogging path.”

    1. I assumed it was the actual Dr. Cooper? I’d think they would’ve gotten a more buff guy if they were not going to show the real author.

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