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new casserole cookery

The New Casserole Cookery

As a native Midwesterner, I grew up on casseroles. I also grew up bringing them to potlucks, suppers, etc. No doubt some recipes do better than others. Most natives probably have an array of go-to dishes for any social situation. I have a chicken divan recipe that has graced umpteen potlucks, funeral visitations, and school picnics. Casseroles are just necessary and it will get the job done. I’m not going to win any culinary awards, but I can step up when etiquette demands a casserole.

These recipes look a bit interesting and different. Not sure I need to expand my casserole line up, but this book might be a good choice for someone else. The recipe for the celery pie (last image) sounds just awful.

See you at the next potluck,


beef and lima beans

stuffed lamb chops

turkey cranberry roll

celery pie


  1. For most public libraries, this will not be a big hit. Modern cookbook users expect lots of color photos and an appealing layout. It would be a candidate for weeding at my library, unless it had a big audience, just based on date and appearance. It should be possible to find a genuinely NEW “new” casserole book.

  2. Yeah, I know this is a library book blog and not a recipe blog, but I never know what to bring to the dreaded pot luck! Would you be willing to share your Chicken Divan casserole recipe with me???

  3. Sorry to be a nitpicker, but the author is almost certainly Marian Tracy. McGinley is responsible for the introduction.

  4. The illustrations and font look like a Betty Crocker cookbook. Those editors may well invite a celeb or poet (?) to write an introduction.

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