Netting Your Ancestors

Netting Your Ancestors coverNetting Your Ancestors: Genealogical Research on the Internet

Submitter: It is disconcerting to find a book on Internet research published in 1997 in the library. I was very curious about what was on the Internet in 1997! Mostly, it’s about using email. Attached are pictures of some inner pages. A link to an AOL page is listed as the only available genealogy listserv. This book should have been discarded long ago.

Holly: This was one of the genealogy books by one of the genealogy authors in 1997. Cyndi Howells, the author, would probably agree that the information in this edition is very outdated. Genealogists depend on Internet sources more and more. The amount of useful genealogy information online has probably quadrupled or more since 1997! It’s a whole new world, people. Now, let me tell you about my mom’s cousin’s ex-husband’s grandma…

Mailing Lists and Newsgroups

Genealogy resources on the internet


  1. I found out that My great great grandmother was a Cherokee Iranian Princess. Thank you World Wide Web!!

  2. This is an example of why we as collection developers need to be thinking more about Just-In-Time and less Just-In-Case. We should have timely material! My predecessor would have kept this and said “You never know!” or “Its a classic!”

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