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Fashion for Men
Esquire Magazine
1957 (original copyright)
1966 edition

Need to get that retro chic look from the late 1950s? This guide has all the details so you can look your very best.

I actually liked looking through this book. The details and the explanations are really interesting. If you have an interest in menswear or in retro fashion, this might be a good choice. I definitely think this has a place in a design or fashion collection. Yes it is dated and not exactly user friendly, but it is detailed and has some decent illustrations. Fit is the major theme of this book. The details are subtle, but let’s be honest, to my untrained eye this book is a costume manual for the film The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit.

I had no idea that men need fashion advice for pajamas or for college.


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  1. I love the minimum and well-rounded lists for campus fashion! Nary a t-shirt to be found.

  2. I sent my son off to college in September without a snap-brim felt hat, gray flannel slacks, hose, or handkerchiefs. Clearly, I have failed as a parent 🙂

    1. PLEASE tell me you didn’t forget the center-crease felt crown hat! How can you possibly expect him to learn without THAT??? The horrors! *clutches pearls*

  3. I find myself very, very curious about what the similar minimal and well-rounded young woman’s outfit would be.

  4. THREE tweed sports jackets? Even for the time, which is not ancient history to me, that seems a tad excessive. I guess I never hung with the “well-rounded” crowd.

    1. Which happens to be exactly my height. Ridiculously short adults in the ridiculously short adults club.

  5. Plaid suit, striped shirt, figured tie… let’s play pile on the prints!!! No help with color combos, just keep adding patterns til you go blind. Also love the drawing with the white pants and “wild tie”, apparently in this world polka dots are considered “wild”. Unless you mix them with plaid.

    1. And, he apparently is about to, or did just, play tennis! Must be hard to serve in that blazer.

  6. Short, small man is trying not to be blinded by the sun.

    Fat man is annoyed and thinking he’s barely plump.

  7. Do they tell you what’s the most fashionable steamer trunk for bringing your “minimum campus wardrobe” to the dorm?

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