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America’s National Monument

How about a vintage travel book? I can hear everyone say “but that stuff doesn’t change.” It actually does. Hours, access, and directions have all changed to some extent after over 50 years. In the case of a book about national monuments, quite a few have been added since 1960. Travel often gets overlooked for currency. Good collection development for travel includes an awareness of world events, travel requirements, and other factors that can impact travel.

Currency not withstanding, this is simply a boring book with boring pictures.


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Independence park

Abraham Lincoln Park, KY


  1. Yes, a lot can change in 58 years. Time for newer travel guide. That one does look like a snooze.

  2. We have a policy that Travel Guides are discarded after 5 years to ensure currency so 58 years is a little excessive….

  3. “Gerry, while you’re out could you stop at the souvenir stand and get a postcard of the front entrance? We can use it for the book.

    And imagine the traveler at the admission desk insisting, “I checked this out at the library! It says the all-day tour is $1.25!”

  4. It’s not just that the pictures are boring — it’s that they miss the point in nearly every case. Who takes a picture of the Lincoln Memorial and doesn’t bother with the statue? Leave that out, and it’s another reasonably decent Greek-ish building. And the Gloria Dei church obscured by trees? And includes a picture of a bank, even an important one? I’ve read old guidebooks that convey more with words than these pictures do — proving again that a picture is worth a thousand words only if they are very badly chosen words.

  5. It ticks me off that I am probably the only remaining person in all of North America who has NEVER in my life traveled outside either Canada (my home country) or the USA (let alone Mexico or the rest of the world) and I am almost 39! I hope that someday I will be able to remedy this situation, though.

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