National Library Week Special-Professional Collection

Guide to Evaluation of Library Collections cover

Guide to the Evaluation of Library Collections
Collection Management and Development Guides
No. 2
Lockett, ed.

This 1989 publication was sitting in a professional collection as of this writing. I would be surprised if anyone had even looked at this book in the last 20 years.

It is written in an organized format, like an outline. Easy for referencing, but boring in the way it looks. Obviously this one is much better. (Even though those lazy authors haven’t updated it for a new edition.)

You can already guess this one is long past it’s prime.

Time to weed the professional collection people!

Happy National Library Week



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sampling methodology

use centered measures


  1. Maybe the lazy authors could compile a website of books that shouldn’t still be in collections and then use that to generate a humorous book of examples of things not to keep in collections?

  2. Talk about a blast from the past!
    I bought a copy of this when I was in Library School! I still have it in my bookcase. I’ll keep it for the same reason I keep my High School yearbook.

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