National Library Week-Another book for the kids

Libraries coverA Book to Begin On

Today’s National Library Week choice is this 1964 book about libraries that was still in circulation as of this writing. I was impressed that it actually didn’t look worse. Other than the yellowing pages, it is in pretty good shape. The text isn’t too bad, but it is rather dense for the kids. To a kid in 2021, this is really not helpful.

As a librarian, I have some comments. The lady on the in the illustration about the Mazarin Library really shouldn’t be leaning on the display like that. My first impression was that she was sleeping. In the final illustration of the “modern” library, some of the card catalog drawers are not closed properly. Is it too much to ask that people shut the drawers (gently, of course) when they are finished using the catalog? Also the card catalog seems to be a bit small and inconveniently placed for use. Finally, where are the golf pencils and scraps of paper? I’m getting a twitch looking at these illustrations.

Weed, please.


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  1. Maybe the lady in the Mazarin library is about to heist one of those fancy books. Hide it under her skirt.

    I remember one library that didn’t have the golf pencils, but they did have pens chained to the top of the card catalog and the obligatory slips of scrap paper.

  2. Why are the Trojan Horse, a Shriner, and a child playing hooky trying to crash through the library’s roof? Breaking and entering should never be encouraged!

    1. I think it’s a Trojan horse, Abe Lincoln in a Shriner’s hat, and Cleopatra atop a model of a library.

      Maybe it’s a parade float?

  3. I don’t think the lady at the Mazarin is leaning on the display. Her arm is bent because she’s holding a quizzing glass up to her eyes so she can get a better look, not because she’s resting on her elbow.

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