National Library Week 2021-Check it Out!

Check It Out
The Book About Libraries

It’s time to let the kids know about how much fun it is at the library. This 1985 book is colorful does a nice job of library history and about the job of a librarian. Too bad this is about the library of the 1980s. Note the use of the card catalog and no computers. It’s a cute book, but it really needs an update.



different kinds of libraries

call numbers; card catalog


  1. Thank goodness for computers! I hated the card catalog. Luckily, by the time I got to high school, the things were being phased out.

    1. I always loved the card catalog for some reason! I missed it when it went away. . . . .

  2. This was an excellent book for the time.

    Pity that time was 36 (!) years ago.

    (That can’t be right. The 80s were only 20 years ago, dammit.)

    I like the illustrations.

  3. I can’t believe that a book published AS RECENTLY AS 1985 about a library did NOT feature
    computers- they have existed since the forties!!

  4. The illustration on the cover shows the library right after it closes for the day, the woman at the top of the steps is clearly trying to get in but the door is locked, hence her posture, and someone else is using the book return instead of coming inside. The book return itself looks like a hunched over old lady.

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