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last names first

Last Names First
Lee and Lee

This is basically a genealogy for kids title. In general, I think genealogy items have a longer shelf life than many books. Tech related genealogy books, not so much.  This one is showing its age in the “humorous”, I mean cringe-worthy, illustrations. The actual text isn’t too bad and I will give the author props for including non Western Europe information.

Is genealogy a hot topic for the kids? Not in my experience, but there should be something for everyone. Kids interested in this topic will probably go right to the adult materials or onto the computer. Names and naming conventions are interesting, even if you aren’t a genealogy patron, so if the author updated and got rid of the illustrations, I would probably consider something like this for a collection.


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  1. There were people looking for jobs in 1984 who were named Ethel and Myrtle??!? I find that very hard to believe. I have never, ever known anyone named Myrtle (not counting the giant sea turtle at the England Aquarium) and the one person I knew named Ethel died at age 101 about 5 years ago.

    I did know someone named Hazel, though — my grandmother’s best friend, Hazel Timberlake. I always thought that was a terrific name.

  2. Just for the sake of complete accuracy, Princess Michael of Kent’s first name isn’t Michael, it’s Marie Christine. “Princess Michael of Kent” is the title she acquired by marrying Prince Michael of Kent. But if the recent Star Trek series is anything to go by, is Michael now a common girls’ name in the USA?

  3. Those jerks who name their sons traditionally feminine names need to take a listen to Johnny
    Cash’s “A Boy Named Sue.” Are they trying to get their kids bullied daily?

  4. As to genealogy being a hot topic for kids? Well… I do a weekly genealogy session and I *did* have a 12-year-old one day who was genuinely interested. And a teenager who dragged her grandmother to a movie-and-family-history program based around “Coco.” So that’s two in… two years.

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