Naked Nomads

Naked Nomads - cover

Naked Nomads
Unmarried Men in America

Well, who wouldn’t pick up a book with this title? If I hadn’t been browsing the 300s I doubt this would have been on my radar. Guess what? Being single for guys is very bad for you, and society for that matter.  You may think the irresponsible “Playboy” lifestyle is all that and a bag of chips, but Gilder is here to show you that being single is a one way trip to prison, or a hospital, or you may simply just die. Evidently single guys just can’t hack life.

The voice and tone is very 1970s. Nice for a glimpse into the past, but probably not a keeper for most regular public libraries. I would like to see if the author updated his book.  From the dust jacket, he wasn’t married so maybe he is in prison or dead by now. If you want more on our manly man Gilder, you can see his Wikipedia page here. Sorry to disappoint, but there are no naked pictures of nomads or anyone else for that matter.


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Naked Nomads - Single Menace

Naked Nomads - Jobs without gender



  1. Better have King Louis send some Filles du Roi to the new world to civilise the settlement of Lower Canada!

  2. According to the wikipedia article he claims women have to make a choice over work or family, prides himself for essentially being a “chauvinist pig”, and believes in intelligent design. What a winner!

  3. This guy was on Harvard’s faculty? Interesting.

    You know a book is going to make you roll your eyes when it insists that ALL men (or all women for that matter) must follow the author’s prescribed path.

  4. Back in the early 70’s I actually worked with George Gilder, the time right before he wrote this book. His feeling was that men needed grounding by a good woman. And that meant the Betty Crocker thing, regular meals, clean sox and hankies. More like a mom than a helpmate, and definitely not an equal. Not at all. He was known to wander about without cash, check or change, and had to put in IOUs at the Mass Turnpike tolls, cause he couldn’t pay them. Definitely needed taking care of. And I am sure lots of women CHOSE not to. May he rest in peace, somewhere far far from women.

  5. The idea of paying a toll with an IOU is something I’d never heard of before this book came up.

  6. I love how there’s not even a hint of consideration that the causality works in the direction of awful men staying single rather than staying single making men awful.

  7. Jami, as Sally points out, his emphasis on “men should get married” translates into “women have a duty to marry men to save them.”
    I was also amused to learn the cause of homosexuality is women refusing to get married.

  8. Stuart C Brower sounds like the most boring little man imaginable. I’m not surprised he was single.

  9. @Fraser – Still, it’s nice to see it originally worded to guys instead of the usual “Woman, you need to force some poor slob to the altar if you want your life to be complete” crap I see – and get.

  10. Interestingly, there is actual research showing that, statistically, married men live longer, are healthier, and report higher levels of happiness than single ones.

    For women, it’s the opposite.

    (Insert usual disclaimer about how, as with any statistics, there is substantial individual variation, and there’s no way to use statistics to predict whether the participants of any given marriage would be better off with or without it.)

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