Naked in Cyberspace!

naked in cyberspace cover

Naked in Cyberspace

If this was 2001, I would be begging for this book! I was pretty new at librarianship and still figuring out the potential of databases and finding info. This was really for those folks doing background checks and competitive intelligence, but I would have loved to have something like this book on the desk with me in the early 2000s. Of course this book was outdated before too long. I have even tried to poke around on some of the websites, and many are still good, but most are dead links or have been moved/combined into other sites.

This was still a time when librarians were resistant to technology applications. Back then there was a real gulf between those who embraced technology and those who did not. More than once we heard comments/discussion that real librarianship did not mean tech support.

Even as late as 2006, we were still at conferences pushing the concept that tech support is actually a type of reference service. This further led to us borrowing the term bunheads*. This referred to those librarians that didn’t believe computers really belong at the reference desk, and helping people navigate the web, setting up email, etc. wasn’t their job. (No real death matches, but Holly and I did want to slap some of our colleagues about their attitude toward changes.) We have now used the term bunheads more broadly as those librarians not willing to move with the times. Thankfully, most of those bunheads aren’t around much anymore.

Also, I love the title.


*Bunheads (librarians who resisted change) was coined by our good friend and designated heckler Kevin King from Kalamazoo Public Library.

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  1. I find those blue rear views seriously disturbing… what is the point, anyway?

    1. The entire cover art looks like an exercise in “we got an SGI, let’s do what the cool kids are doing” a kind of graphique design groupthink that was so common from, let’s say, 1995 to 2005.

  2. There should be a section in ALB for “books so boring they used a smutty title and cover art to get people’s attention” 🙂

  3. That title made me think of… something else.

    Anyway, an easy weed nowadays.

    I don’t think we had bunheads in our library, we had computer access years before this book came out. If we had any, they were outvoted.

  4. Nearly dayly I do something like this at work when looking up tax parcels and finding out who owns, has owned, and when they owned, them.

  5. I can imagine that back in the day, this book might have attracted a lot of interest, but not in the way it was intended…

  6. I’ll bet a lot of kids borrowed this book because, hee hee, it says naked and you can see his butt! *giggle giggle*

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