My Real Family

My Real Family coverMy Real Family

Long time readers of this blog will immediately recognize these illustrations. Yes, we have YET ANOTHER one of these special books. (Note to self: I need to restrict these titles to only a certain number a year or my head will explode.)

This time our troubled family is split apart by the ugliness of divorce. Dad has started dating and I think Mom isn’t handling it too well. She evidently needs more money. The implication is Mom is the bad one in this scenario.

Dad’s future Mrs. Dad has two children of her own. I am quite sure Mrs. Dad’s ex is probably horrible too. Of course they are trying to make it work. By magic or whatever, everyone seems to get along by the end of the book. We never hear about Mom and Mrs. Dad’s ex. They are probably dying in a gutter somewhere.

Now, doesn’t everyone feel better?


My Real Family back cover

Mom asks about Dad

Mom's letter to Dad

Dad's step kids


  1. It’s sad to say, but this is the story of my blended family, especially with Dad’s ex… haha At least the kids turned out OK.

  2. What? A Doris Sanford book without any Lifetime Movie-style hysteria? It feels WRONG somehow…

  3. Wait wait, so Doris S. isn’t the illustrator? I thought she was both writer and illustrator.

  4. Are you trying to torture me? The minute I see The Pastel Picture Of Doom, I know it’s another tribute to my old friend Doris. This one is ghastly in a fairly ordinary sort of way, as opposed to the usual Mummy Is A Drunk Satan Worshipper kind of a way.

  5. This story apparently takes place in the universe where nobody knows you’re getting married a month beforehand, not even your children.

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