Mother’s Day

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Mother’s Day

As a mother (retired), I am totally okay with Mother’s day. (Actually, I am okay with anything that nets me a present or two.) This book gives us an overview of Mother’s day in the US and other countries. Not too bad, but somewhat boring. Then I got to the page about Mother’s Day in Yugoslavia, now Serbia. Evidently, Mom gets tied up by her kids. Really. Before you jump to any weird conclusions, I searched for some verification.

Mother’s Day is celebrated before Christmas as part of the Serbian Orthodox tradition. Mother’s Day is celebrated along with Father’s Day and a Children’s day as part of preparation for Christmas. These holidays are about remembrance and tying the past with the present. (This info is from the Serbian Orthodox Church Diocese of Eastern America and St. Sava Serbian Orthodox Church)

Maybe a deeper explanation should be included. Weed this one and don’t look back.


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  1. Um. That Serbian custom is completely wack without the full theological explanation. This book makes it look like a hostage situation. Or, from the girl’s pose, some sort of ritual sacrifice. The boy is going to dance around the bed until they burn the witch. And I doubt Mother is really surprised to find herself tied up on that day.

    Another case where a kids’ book could have been read by their grandparents. And their parents might not remember when there was a Yugoslavia.

  2. The way of celebrating Mother’s Day in Serbia sounds like the beginning of a horror movie about matricide.

    Of course, I’m guessing in real life the kids can’t tie Mum up very well, because they’re little and not psychopaths. Mum pretends to be asleep and pretends to be surprised.

  3. We may have scientists who spend years researching and explaining things now, but that doesn’t stop people from weaving stories that aren’t so wonderful about things like vaccinations or wearing masks.

  4. Reminds me of a bit of Dyngus Day, where boys throw water on girls and spank them with pussy willow.

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