Motherhood for Teens

Teen MotherhoodTeen Motherhood

Think of your average pregnancy and childbirth book and strip down to about 15 pages. This is the book you will get. Teen motherhood is an issue worthy of a book. I also know that teens are woefully unprepared (as are adults for that matter), for the reality of parenting and changes to their body. This book gently tries to avoid judgment and just hand out information. Nice objective, but it falls short.

This book assumes that these teen girls will have access to good prenatal care and a support system. There are no suggestions for resources if you have any problems, health concerns, or lack of support. Fathers are not really considered in the discussion other than maybe helping with baby prep. I guess it would be unwise to depend on them post-baby.

We have featured a lot of books from the Need to Know Library series, and I still see lots of them lurking in catalogs. Try: Abusive Relationships, Teen Suicide,  and Getting Your Period (Don’t miss the symbolism of the broken pencil on the cover).

Time for an upgrade.


shopping for baby clothes

caring for an infant

medical issues

job hunting


  1. When the teen nonfiction is older than the teens, WEED! Doubly so when the book tells people to look in the classified section of the newspaper (!) for jobs and apartment rentals.

  2. She “may” have less time to spend with her friends?

    I certainly hope so! How about “will” in there instead?

  3. Progress from what was published before, I hope, but society has progressed since (for better/worse) so a public or school library should too.

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