Mother Guilt

crisis of working mothers coverCrisis of the Working Mother
Resolving the Conflict Between Family and Work

Well this little book was geared to my generation as we hit the job market in the 80s. For most working mothers, you got the choice of being a bad mother or a bad (read unreliable) woman. (Sadly, not much has changed for most women, especially in terms of compensation and benefits.) It took me until my kids were in middle school that I quit caring about my standing as a good mother. A school staffer mentioned to me that my kid was in trouble because I was a selfish working mother. I reminded said staffer that my kid is a 12 year old boy whose life mission is to drive others to drink on his way to becoming an evil genius. I wish I’d had the guts to ask her if she called my husband to complain about my kid.

There is still relevant info in the book that might appeal to the reader, but since the author has more current material, I would probably let this go unless I had a deep collection dedicated to women’s studies. Of course, your mileage may vary.

(a bitter second wave feminist)

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  1. Funny you never see books like this directed at dads. It’s just moms who have to feel guilty about working, apparently.

  2. Answer to all these questions:

    Their husbands are selfish jerks.

    Five words, and I didn’t even charge $16.95 — and it was true back then too.

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