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Favorite Mormon Recipes
Meats Edition Including Seafoods and Poultry
2000 Favorite Recipes
Montgomery Second Branch of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

Submitter: While weeding the cookbook section, I spied this sad spiral bound book being held together with a prayer. There is one thing I hate about cookbooks and that is a lack of pictures. In the case of this book- there were about 4 black and white photos in total for all 380+ pages. Incidentally there were no secret Jello recipes from Joseph Smith.

Holly: The Frankfurter-Kraut Noodle Ring, pictured below, reminds me of a dish my Polish family makes called haluski. We don’t Jello mold it, though. Missed opportunity.

frankfurter kraut noodle ring

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  1. Anything from 1966 shouldn’t have still been on the shelves, especially not if it involves jellied meat.

    Pretty sure they don’t need Jello recipes; those are passed down from mother to daughter. Possibly genetically.

    (I grew up with lots of Mormon friends. I know the cuisine.)

    LOL at something from Belgium being “Foreign Cuisine”. Usually back then that only meant Asian. But I guess anyone outside of the USA was drastically foreign. I bet the Belgians don’t jello it.

    Looking online, no, of course they don’t gelatin it. And a proper choucrote is cooked in wine, which obviously they didn’t.

    The title just makes me laugh. Nowadays it would be a porno!

      1. That’s the movie I was thinking of but couldn’t remember.

        Matt and Trey grew up in the same general metro area as me (but later), so they too would have had much exposure to Mormonity.

  2. Hamburger-Bean Soup…Hamburger Soup…Hamburger Soup…Hamburger Stew…Hamburger Stew. Gosh, what a variety.

    1. Guess if you’ve seen one cookbook produced by people connected with one particular Christian denomination with standout dietary practices (is there a Catholic fish/seafood cookbook ?), you’ve seen’em all ?

  3. Hey, why didn’t you include the recipe for the choucroute w/noodles ? My supervisor is from Belgium and I bet she’d ROTFL !

  4. You can’t defeat
    the style this Mormon cookbook way
    to prepare cooked animal flesh

  5. “Incidentally there were no secret Jello recipes from Joseph Smith.” That made me LOL to loudly for this library .

    1. What do you get when you play a Mormon Tabernacle Choir record backwards?

      Secret jello recipes!

      I’m an active Mormon (shh, we’re not supposed to use that term anymore) and thankfully, I haven’t seen any food like this at church socials in at least 20 years. As a child, it seemed that there was never a social event that didn’t include lime jello “salad” with celery and shredded carrots. I’m so glad that casseroles have fallen out of favor!

      1. Brother Paul, let’s face it — back in those days the artificial green color was the only bright spot on the table. Surrounded by beige casseroles (both in color and flavor).

        Oh yes, I have *been* to stake events.

        But not since disco days. When they were still using this cookbook.

        Your average Mormons are very nice people. When the boys on bicycles come around, I’m polite, I tell them I went to stake events decades before they were born, and if it’s really hot, I give them bottles of water. They’re just doing their job.

        Good riddle, too.

        1. Lookin’ for some hot dish, baby, this evenin’
          I need some hot dish, baby, tonight
          I want some hot dish, baby, this evenin’
          Gotta have some hot dish
          Gotta have comfort food tonight

  6. Actually I checked, and we were in different parts of the supersized extended metro area. Learn something new every day.

  7. It’s been 10 days and I’m still LOL every time this shows on the front page. Probably will continue till it moves to pg. 2.

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