More TV’s Wackiest Family: The Bradys

Showdown at the PTA CorralThe Brady Bunch #2
Showdown at the P.T.A. Corral

Yes, I have Brady Bunch issues.  I just can’t help myself. In this episode, Mike is elected president of the PTA.  Note the front cover calls it PTA prexy.  (What is a “prexy”? Is it this? or this? ) All sorts of shenanigans happen to our intrepid family as Mike assumes the new role of community leader. The PTA is not just for the ladies, men need to participate too!


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Tv's Wackiest Faily the Brady Bunch


  1. Never really got the appeal of this show although I watched it. For me it was envy of their great 70’s house compared to ours. I also was jealous of how understanding Mike and Carol seemed to be when we had Mom and Dad. We also lacked an Alice unless you count Raquel who came a couple of times a year to help Mom do windows.

  2. “Never before published,” according to the blurb on the cover. And never again, I assume. Yikes!

  3. Okay, okay. I know I’ll get flak for this, but if Mike Brady was such a brilliant architect, how come he designed a house with only one bathroom for so many people?

  4. I wonder if the sissy thing was a crack at the actor’s sex life. I don’t think so, but I wonder about it.

  5. Books for children promoting gender inequality – ‘a sissy outfit like the PTA rather than the manly Little League’ ought to be tossed – fast.

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