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Plant Hangers:  Ideas and Techniques

Submitter: Yes, really.  I just pulled this a few minutes ago from a satelite library that is in my school.  Much like the library that I inherited, it hasn’t been weeded in 38 years.  Today I have discovered all types of treats but this one in particular caught my eye because of its interesting rendition of a macramé female with foliage reproductive organs.  Far out, man.

Holly: What the heck is that thing at the bottom, left corner of the cover? A macrame plant stand of a human body with a plant coming out of its stomach? That is weird.  It may seem like we’re picking on macrame here at ALB.  Ok, we kind of are. If it is truly making a comeback (I’m skeptical…), then buy some new books! What do people macrame these days? iPod covers? Cell phone caddies?


  1. So *that* is where Ridley Scott got the idea for the famous John Hurt scene in Alien…..

  2. Maybe a take on Alien? I’ve seen a cross-stitched DS cover before, so macrame is not too out of this world.

  3. This is giving me nightmarish flashbacks to my grandmother’s house, which was filled with plants in macrame hangers, dolls from craft fairs, afghans in 70s colors, and wood paneling. Ugh!

  4. My heart goes out to the submitter, trust me: I have been there too. Just think of how nice it will be once you’ve gotten rid of them all!

  5. Okay, I’m all for a 70s revival. After all, men wore the waist of their pants at their waist back then rather then around their knees, women’s clothing was actually pretty, and disco rules, rap drools.

    But the female torso planter has GOT to go! I don’t even think Hugh Heffner would approve!

  6. I would buy this for the female torso planter instructions alone…it intrigues me. Maybe I can make it and crochet a baby alien bursting out – Oh, the possibilities! XD

  7. Yes, people, macrame IS making a comeback! I hope we wont be seeing any of those hideous mens vests or other crimes. I think macrame is getting a makeover, to be a fun and contemporary crafting hobby. dont be scared, just embrace it!

  8. I wonder what happens to the creator of these very strange objects? 20 years later do they re-look at their art and see what we see and die in horror or do they pretend to ignore the changing times and just keep the stuff anyways cause they made it!?

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