More bad processing

Sassy: Little Sister Is NOT My Name!

Submitter: True Story. My daughter and I were at school shelving summer intervention books, and she brought my library copy of Sassy up to me with a giggle.  I swear I had not shown her the previous posts!  Oddly, I had not noticed it, but it is the results of vendor processing.












Brass Rubbing

Submitter: “Ass Clown” reminded me of one I weeded not so long ago which had been slightly vandalized by students, or perhaps I’m being unfair and it was just a random tear in the cover.




  1. You want bad processing? We’ve started getting board books about cute little kittens catalogued as NF in the 600s. I never knew such stupidity existed.

  2. @ Ass Rubbing Submitter:

    If I am any judge of the juvenile mind, you are not at all wrong to call this the work of students. Where you do go wrong, however, is in not chastising them for taking off too much “A” and almost ruining their own prank. It looks, frankly, half-assed. 😉

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