Moon Landing Anniversary Bonus!

Buzz Aldren Moon landing

Given we are at the 50 year mark for the Apollo 11 moon landing, I thought it would be appropriate for us to take a moment and think about weeding when a significant date or anniversary pops up. All of a sudden people are interested in a topic they haven’t thought about in a while. The moon landing is one of those moments in time that folks share where they were and what they were doing. To that end, time to get into the stacks and make sure your space stuff is up to par! In the meantime click on the picture to see the original post. Note the year we published it and how long it took people to weed.



Rocket to the Moon - cover

Rocket to the Moon

Space Flight

Rocket Power and Space Flight

You and Space Travel title page

You and Space Travel



  1. Me as a kid in 1983: In the future we’re gonna have cool robots and push-buttons that do all our chores and drive flying cars and live in outer space, and the other day I read there will even be a powder that you can sprinkle on your food to make all the fat and calories disappear, so you be able to eat whatever you want!

    Me as an adult in 2018: Okay, let’s go through this again: The Earth is round, vaccines work, not all chemicals are bad, not all natural things are good, it’s not a good idea to give bleach enemas to your children or use eye drops made with your own pee!!

  2. Amazing. I love all these old out of date books that would make a wonderful or hilarious collection. Scary that they are kept in libraries where someone might need to use them for modern facts though.

  3. I think these would make a great display for the anniversary of the moon landing…and then go ahead and weed them.

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