Mommy’s Getting Married (and it isn’t to Daddy)

Martha's New Daddy coverMartha’s New Daddy

This little gem is from my collection. (I had no idea Ms. Steel wrote a children’s book, either.) Our little girl Martha is the child of divorce and now Mom has announced her intentions to marry John. This doesn’t sit well with Martha, as she always imagined her crazy parents getting back together.  The rest of the story is that Daddy is okay with this and would rather be Mommy’s friend. John and Mommy get married, and everyone (except Daddy) jets off to Hawaii for a honeymoon. It’s all good.

I know that having this kind of material is probably necessary, but I don’t think Danielle’s calling is in picture books. (I will spare you my tirade on how everyone seems to think they can write a children’s book.  Hint: Not everyone can.)  Actually, I am wondering if it is to the point where blended families are so common that we don’t need a “message” picture book. I personally haven’t had a request for something like this in an ice age or two.


wedding day

telling daddy

honeymoon in Hawaii


  1. If dad is still in the picture, why is the kid coming along on the honeymoon?

  2. I had the same thought as Emma! The book makes it sound as though the girl is getting a “new” father because there is no other.
    I do hope the mother told her ex that she was getting married. That is not something to hear from your child!

  3. There are a lot of us that think Danielle Steel can’t write books for adults either, then 5 people request her latest from the library…

  4. We were the only library in the state with two of Danielle Steel’s children’s books, so I didn’t weed them even though I wanted to. What are the rules around ILL courtesy versus awfulness of library book?

  5. Actually, she wrote a whole series of children’s books about Martha and Max and all sorts of trendy topics from the 80’s and 90’s. Our library had the whole set of which a couple are still in our catalog (I think because they checked out and never came back.) And yes, they are all bland and pretty awful.

  6. What kind of awkward honeymoon is that with the child coming along.
    I was 24 when my mom got remarried, I could have used this book.

  7. Well, at least Ms. Steel ought to know whereof she speaks–she’s been married five times.

  8. Alan C., maybe not necessarily? I don’t know what particular denomination this might be (supposedly) depicting, but my childhood minister wore something colorful down the back of his robe, like an academic’s hood. I agree with the strangeness of taking the child on the honeymoon, instead of visiting Daddy.

  9. I believe that might be a methodist minister, not a priest. The ones I’ve seen have these long purple things that go down both their front and back and are seperate from their white robes.

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