Mommy is a Drunk

World's Worst Secret coverI Know The World’s Worst Secret

Long time readers of this blog will recognize the illustrations. Yes, it is the same author of our Satan for Kids book.

Our story is that this little girl lives with an alcoholic mother. The house is messy (a true sign of alcoholism if there ever was one!). Mommy also gets behind the wheel. ┬áThe cops intervene and Mommy is arrested and sent to rehab. (Note that Daddy’s smack of Mom is not addressed.) Will she get better? No one knows.

Now I need a drink.



make mommy stop drinking

Mommy has the flu

yelling and screaming

drunk driving


  1. Oh,yeah. This is realistic. (Said with scorn!) Daddy the enabler/abuser; and the creepy “Friend.” Mommy is a drunk; daddy is a hitter; baby is schizophrenic. What a family!

    1. The whole “Friend said” aspect is the most unnerving thing in a book full of unnerving things. Is it Laura? Is it the kid’s psychologist? Or is the poor kid hearing a voice inside her head? Is it ever explained at all?

      Seriously, Awful Library Books, never stop finding books in this series.

  2. I know its fiction, but I really want to call children’s services on this book.

    Seriously, why is there no food? Dad is in the picture and, apparently, employed and sober, but he can’t cash his paycheck and swing by the grocery store? These kids are going to starve to death before mom gets out of rehab.

    1. Emma, that’s what I was thinking, too! Dad needs to pitch in to take care of the kids instead of just being an abusive enabler.

  3. Who’s “Friend?”
    What’s wrong with Daddy that he can’t wash a dish or two?
    Who’s Laura? I am guessing a little sister. So, did the neighbor call 911 and report the hitting/kicking going on?
    These kids, the narrator, Laura and Friend, need to be taken away from that home!
    Wait a minute… if the refrigerator is empty, how does the narrator cook dinner?

  4. So what is “The World’s Worst Secret”? That Mommy drinks? That Daddy hits Mommy? That Mommy stores unpackaged hotdogs on the kitchen counter, right next to her Scotch? That Daddy is a cyborg with a telephone coming out of his armpit? Don’t leave me hanging!!!

    1. Oh my! I am secretly reading these at work. The last thing I need is to explode into giggles by cyborg daddy comment!

      (Well, okei, I am a librarian, and I have small bits of nothing-to-do inbetween chunks of very busy time). But anyways, I adore the armpit phone thing!
      But books like these are so, not only unuseful, but actively horrible and should never be put anywhere near a child! If someone really have to keep this book in a library, put it in adult section, next to the other selfhelp/alcoholism-books. Put a sticker on the front saying “You are this mother. Go fix yourself!”

  5. Yeesh. Sounds like Daddy’s just as much of a problem as Mommy! Maybe Mommy wouldn’t drink so much if Daddy didn’t let household chores fall on his kids and beat her up. And who the hell is “Friend”? An imaginary caretaker? I feel like this book should be on “Intervention.”

  6. “If you don’t take sides maybe they will get better sooner.”

    But if you do THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT.

    Also why the eff can’t Dad cook supper? Or go to the store. Or clean. Or take care of his kid.

  7. The instant I saw the cover art I *KNEW* it was one of these. Seriously, Sanford should stick to her illustrating and let a competent social worker/child psychologist do the text.

  8. How did Mommy “not stop at a red light” and hit a car behind her? Looks to me more like the “old man” rear-ended Mommy. I smell a conspiracy. I bet Friend was behind it somehow.

    But what a cool house! (Not the hot dogs and cockroaches, the exterior.)

    1. I think that’s a dollhouse. Friend probably lives in it. That’s why at night you see lights moving around in it. And the voices whispering out the windows, too.

      Daddy can’t afford an exterminator, or at least a bug bomb from the grocery store?

  9. Wait! Is that a FULL bottle of scotch I see? How can they claim mommy is a drunk when she leaves full bottles around?

    1. Well, if it’s a nice single malt scotch, like Glenlivet 18 Year, then the mom in the book is probably not going through a bottle very quickly. Although if she’s buying $100 bottles of scotch to get drunk, that might explain where the grocery budget is going.
      The illustration would have been much more realistic if the bottle would have said it was an affordable blended scotch, rather than “finest scotch whiskey” : )

      1. Or vodka of the supermarket variety…I agree, the choice of liquor is not very believable.

        1. LOL, a local chain of supermarkets in my area has its own brand of the usual hard liquor suspects (vodka, gin, whiskey, etc.). When a youngish employee was helping me decide among the more inexpensive vodka offerings, she said “and whatever you do, don’t drink any of our store brand crap, it’ll make you sicker than hell.” That’s the kind of liquor I would picture the evil Mommy in this book to consume.

  10. Replace the old man’s car with a tour bus full of old people heading to a casino and this book will read like the story of my childhood… I think if someone had given me this book while going through the same things I would’ve just gotten more annoyed with it all. These books are SO creepy! They are meant to educate and comfort but they way they are written paired with the bad colored pencil art is just unsettling.

  11. Can’t believe I’m the first to point out that the spelling for Scotch is always “whisky” without an E. (Fellow librarians, I am disappoint.) Whatever the hell is in that bottle, it ain’t Scotch. Maybe it’s the world’s worst secret.

  12. My t-total mommy suffers from many of these symptoms – shouts a lot, messy house, mouldy food in the fridge. I always thought it was because she was disorganized, but now I’m worried she’s a drunk, and I must fix all her problems.

    Worried daughter (aged 32 1/2)

  13. Ah, my old friend Doris. Just when I think we’ve heard the last of her, one of those horrible pastel sketches appeared. I did indeed realise who this was going to be written by, just thanks to that dreadful picture.
    All I can say is, ‘clean the sodding refrigerator, Daddy, and buy your kids some food.’
    Oh, and I don’t think Mummy’s one month in rehab is going to work. Doesn’t it take significantly longer than that?

  14. The real question is: If Laura and the red headed girl are running next door, and dad is beating up the mother, then who are the creepy figures in the up stairs windows?
    Are ghosts what is causing the mothers drinking problem?

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