Mom, you need to set an example

Your Teenager and You coverYour Teen-ager and You
A Book for Parents

Another “Help me make sense of my awful teenager, before I kill them” book. The eternal cry of parents everywhere. As an empty nester, I can say that parenthood is about survival. It’s us against them and they play dirty.

Today’s example is geared toward Christian parents and uses scripture and scenarios to illustrate. The author asserts that a good marriage sets an example for teens. Of course there is a story about a teen girl who was hanging out with the “wrong” people. Naturally, this caused her to get in trouble and ruin her life. Evidently, her parents (mostly Mom) didn’t love her enough.

This book is light on practical advice and good at using scripture to guilt women. Husbands are not really mentioned as part of the parenting process. Bottom line: Ladies need to forget all that fulfillment/feminine mystique stuff and just suck it up.


Your Teenager and You excerpt

Love's Wisdom Outwits Incompatibility


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  1. Ah, Zondervan Press. How well I remember these from my Christian childhood. As I recall, they were fairly well-written and got their Evangelical message across with all the subtlety of dysentery. Times have changed since the 60s, when Dad’s parenting role began and ended with his paycheck, and “fast” girls were universally punished, at least in books. Not only does it need to be weeded, maybe burning wouldn’t be a bad idea also.


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