Mom and Weird Wayne

Mom is Dating Weird Wayne coverMom is Dating Weird Wayne

In yet another kid fiction featuring an embarrassing mom, we present this lovely title. Evidently, Dad, the loser, took off with some woman and now the kids are left to “look out” for Mom. Jenna wants to fix her up with the cute math teacher at her school but evidently Mom has the hots for weirdo weatherman. Hijinks are sure to follow.


Mom is dating weird wayne back cover

Weird  Wayne Exerpt

Weird Wayne chapter 5


    1. I think mom is a photo/graphics editor that works on yearbooks / school dances and the like (and thus, having to “zap zits” for the glamour shots.)

  1. Uh…I actually own this book. I bought. On purpose. I still have it. It’s on my personal bookshelf at home. I thought it was cute.

    1. That’s perfectly fine. I own a good many older books myself that I think are cute.

      The questions to ask about a book in a library collection, however, are different. Would a kid today reach for this? Is it relevant? Are there better alternatives? Does it circulate still? Is it being kept because kids really want to read it, or because of nostalgia?

  2. this is a classic “leather vest with baggy red t-shirt tucked into acid-washed mom jeans calling the tacky blazer weird” case

  3. I bet Mr. Bartholomew is already married.
    What teenage kid says “hippety-hopped”?

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