Mom and Dad Do Drugs

Drugs and Your Parents coverDrugs and Your Parents

Submitter: I might be an alcoholic. When I saw the young women dumping the booze down the drain my heart sank. “Not the good stuff!”Joking aside, this book is pretty out of date. A drug book from 1991 won’t have any of today’s designer drugs that are ravaging America.

Holly: Is every picture in this book a hair-in-the-face profile shot? Except, that is, for the lady with the banana clip. I haven’t seen one of those in a few decades! They all seem to have shadows, too. The photography seems amateur and dated. Parents who are addicts are no joke, but this book makes me laugh.

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chemically dependent

parent out of control on drugs

deal with problems alone

good kid tries to do it all

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  1. “To show you I’m serious about giving up drinking, I’m throwing out all my mixers!”
    Mrs. Blank, Strangers with Candy…

  2. I can tell you from experience that there’s nothing funny about it when one of your parents starts drinking heavily.

  3. That lady looks really miffed to find Patrick Swayze copying the SNL D*ck in a Box music video.

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