Modern Style for a Modern Girl

coverHow you look and dress
4th Edition

Submitter: Yes, we are finally getting into some serious weeding of our academic library, hence this little gem. It has everything the modern girl (in 1969) would want to know:

-How to handle a coat (to be fair, as I live in the tropics, I may never have figured this out)

-How long one should lie in the sun

-How to have a gay, happy look

-How to shop with kindness

To top it all off, it smells really musty, the cover is fading and the pages are stained – won the trifecta!

Holly: This cover is definitely dirty looking. And old. Collectors will snatch this up at a book sale in a hot minute! Unless your academic library has a real reason to keep something like this, and I mean a REAL academic reason…make way for something newer. There are some great old pictures in this book, though!


removing gloves


casual sports occasions

shopping with kindness


  1. A gramophone on the beach looks like a good way to get your records all scratched up with sand.

    1. Seriously–Annette Funicello never needed a gramophone for her Beach Blanket Bingo! And that was way before 1969. My groovy teenage cousin would bring her pink portable battery-op turntable and Brenda Lee 45’s when she babysat us!

  2. The kind of book that makes for great reference (if I was writing a Y/A in the period say). But obviously that’s a specialized niche (I do, however, bookmark posts like this just in case I do need a reference).

  3. Apparently, even those of us living in temperate zones have never learned to “handle” a coat. I like the piece about “shopping with kindness,” though. I’ve worked retail and some people are so rude!

  4. Love the record player on the beach! But they better move it soon, before it gets washed away, along with the girl. I also like the bit about “shopping with kindness.” We definitely could use some more of that these days.

  5. Nothing says “gay” like a kilt. Do they also mention not wearing underwear under the kilt? Also, who hasn’t wanted that Lucille Ball circa 1970 look?

  6. Shopping with kindness is also an option at the library.
    Surprisingly many people are rude to their librarian (among others, me!), and I don’t understand why.

    There should be more friendliness. A little more patience with other people, even if they are in front of you in the queue.

    (That beachside-photo looks photoshopped, poorly, by the way.)

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