MOAR Pantyhose Crafts!

The Pantyhose Craft BookThe Pantyhose Craft Book
Laury and Aiken

Submitted by Sarah C. in a public library in suburban Wisconsin (outed with permission!): A circ worker brought this book to my attention and I promptly weeded it from our collection. I find the life-sized and nude dolls to be especially disturbing. Also, the ladies with the pantyhose bikinis just look like they are wearing pantyhose on their boobs. Weird. Unfortunately, there is still another library in our system that has it on the shelf!

Holly: It is with joy that I bring you another pantyhose crafts book!  Remember this one, which was followed by this one? Still creepy.  Maybe the third time is the charm and you’ll all go get these old craft books off your shelves.  Pretty please? There are some truly disturbing creative uses for pantyh0se in the pictures below.  My favorite is the “ample nymph” in the last picture. Good grief.  Borderline NSFW!

Haltar top

Orange Sherbet


naked lady doll

hand mirrors


  1. What IS it with these “life-like” figures created out of pantyhose? ‘Creepy’ doesn’t even BEGIN to fully cover this kind of horror show. Those faces on a stick are going to haunt my nightmares! That said, I don’t think the halter top looks especially bad. Now the ‘Orange Sherbet’ get-up looks INDEED like it’s nothing but wadded bunches of pantyhose.

    As for that mobile or hanging art pictured on the cover…well…I have to say in the 70’s I’d have found that pretty cool. And I’m diggin’ the quilt – would SO love to have that.

    But those hideous creatures displayed on the cover? Yikes! The tall one in the middle is particularly revolting – oh hell, they ALL are! No mouths, no arms, no legs, just…LUMPS!

  2. The “Shelf Lady” is sort of cute. Problem with this kind of soft sculpture is that it takes some real effort and talent to get good results.

  3. Wait–we could save old pantyhose to make those post-Armageddon stretchers and bandages! If I shielded them with my body they might not melt!

  4. The texture … it would catch on every hangnail or patch of dry skin on your hands. Or those of the disbelieving viewers of your “art” who have to touch it because it just doesn’t look real.

  5. Why would I want to make something that reminds me vanity is not a virtue? I’m not a Victorian.

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