Mmmore MmmBop

Hanson: Mmmbop to the Top: an unauthorized biography

Submitter: Found this one while working on a cataloging project in a Catholic school.  I would have let it go and rolled my eyes, but it’s designated as fiction.  Clearly, this just means that the whole MMMBop thing was a hoax.  OR WAS IT???

Holly: Remember this earlier post on Hanson? At least two books were written about this band in 1997.  Please, my friends, go to your shelves and tell me there is not a third one!  These guys are all grown up now. It’s time to maybe buy a new one (BIG maybe…).  At least weed these older books.  This band has a fairly new album out and *might be relevant to your community, but these books are still outdated.


  1. Maybe because it’s an unauthorized biography the librarian at the time felt it was more fiction then (than? I never can figure that one out) reality. Let’s face it, those things are often more into lies and scandals rather than (then?) the truth.

  2. I still own not one, but two copies of this book! One I’ve had from 97 and the other a friend bought for me as a fun gift. I love Hanson – been to 16 concerts and still consider them my favorite band, even after 14 years. You might also check your library shelves for Totally Taylor, Totally Isaac and Totally Zac 🙂

  3. Oh, boy, look at that hair. I can hear that song in my head now. Thank you, ALB. Note the sarcasm.

  4. URK! That cursed song! Get it out of my head! Maybe this librarian thought that Hanson was a fake band, like the Archies or the Rutles. Or Milli Vanilli… anyway, that song is a bad dream that won’t go away. 🙂

  5. Just think, in 10 years we will be seeing copies of Justin Beiber’s bio on this blog. As goes Hansen, go Shaun Cassidy, David Cassidy, Backstreet Boys …..

  6. The ageless difference between boys and girls. I hated them and thought their music sucked. Sorry, ladies.

  7. I used to love them so crazily much. Opening this page and seeing their faces was sort of like running into your high school boyfriend at CVS. . . weird. (Fitting, as that was totally the title of a Hanson song.)

    An interesting aside, for ladies of a certain age: guess what else Jill Matthews wrote?

  8. @Tom – Don’t worry, I’m a woman who didn’t care for them either. Of course, then again, I do like disco so you all probably don’t think my opinion counts for much. LOL

  9. How timely! Yesterday a student group on our campus did a charity fundraiser where they played a loop of the chorus to MMMbop… all. day. long. They solicited funds until they reached their goal … and the reward for your donation was that they MADE IT STOP. Of course, this happened directly in front of the library so we got to hear it all day…

  10. I was a bookstore salesclerk back when this book came out. It sold unbelievably much (paled compared to books about Titanic, but still quite brisk). I wouldn’t be surprised if there are lots of these copies in the stacks somewhere.

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