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three easy pieces quick menu cookbook

Three Easy Pieces
The Quick Menu Cookbook
General Foods Corporation

This cookbook is trying to be clever by splitting the book into three sections. Get it? You mix and match each section to come up with a delightful menu. I thought it was an annoying gimmick and I was constantly trying to manage the pages. However, I took one for the team and created two menus that you can make. I suggest you try the frankfurter stuffing bake paired with a lima bean salad and a summer vegetable medley. You’re welcome.


how to use this three part cookbook

menu including frankfurter stuffing entree

menu featuring linguine with tuna sauce





  1. The second image (HOW TO…) looks like what IBM software floppys used to come in. That gray color is unmistakable.

  2. If you update the recipes themselves I can see where it would work well, but maybe that’s just me. It would definitely be better off in someone’s house than it would be in a library.

  3. Apart from the fact they contain ingredients I can’t stand, the Lima bean dishes don’t look too unreasonable. They pair well with a creamy element. (That said, maybe a touch less sour cream.)

    1. Apart from the fact they contain ingredients I can’t stand
      You mean, like, lima beans?

      And then there’s the whole question-begging idea that a meal should consist of “main course”, “starch” and “salad” in equal proportions.

      1. I love Lima beans. Scallions, red onions, and relish, otoh… 😛
        I didn’t say the cookbook was good, just that those dishes didn’t seem so bad.

  4. Guessing it’s a play on the movie title Five Easy Pieces, which is the one with the famous Jack Nicholson and the tomato sandwich scene! So not necessarily a great connection to make for a cookbook.

  5. I think it’s sort of a nifty idea – especially for someone just starting out who doesn’t have a clue how to put together a meal, or for the very busy parent who needs ideas.

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