Mission Possible!

Peter Lupus guide to health cover

Peter Lupus’ Guide to Radiant Health and Beauty:
Mission Possible for Women
Lupus and Homola

I think every guy wants a cadre of superstars surrounding him. This particular guy was a supporting actor on the old Mission Impossible series back in the day.  He has all the answers to your beauty and health needs. Also, he will dress in some pretty groovy outfits and go to the gym with you.

I can’t wait to try some “sex-a-tonic” exercises. It’s your mission now. As usual, ALB will disavow any knowledge of your actions.



Peter Lupus guide to health back cover

Lee Meriweather and Buddy Ebsen

leg exercises


chest exercises


  1. 1. I didn’t recognize the name of Aniko Farrell, so Google to the rescue: she was a musical actress on Broadway and in touring companies, in the latter with her husband Peter Palmer (“Li’l Abner” on Bway and in the movie version). She died in 2011

    2. Am I slipping? The white-haired guy with the actress in one photo at first registered as Lupus’ M:I costar Peter Graves (whom I once saw at the airport in his and my hometown of Minneapolis); then I thought no, that’s not Graves, and the caption ID’d him as Buddy Ebsen (The Beverly Hillbillies, Barnaby Jones, and would’ve been the Tin Man in The Wizard of Oz except the metal makeup darn near killed him)

    1. BuDDY Ebsen was also horribly miscast as Doc Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Come to think of it, most of the characters were horribly miscast. But, then again, it veers so far from the short story it’s ridiculous anyway, so what’s the difference?

  2. No disrespect to the Queen of Comedy, and I know she was quite stunning back in the day, but when I think “radiant health and beauty”, I don’t think 1978 era Lucille Ball. Wasn’t she rocking a Bozo red wig and a growly smoker’s voice by that point?

    1. I don’t know about the attire, but Peter Lupus, besides being an actor, was also a professional bodybuilder with several major titles – and records – to is name.

  3. What I find intriguing is that the woman lying on the bench, lifting weights, finds it necessary to point her toes. Is that usual in that kind of weight-lifting?

  4. I note that despite all Mr Lupus’s advice, Suzanne Somers is still carrying a spare tyre.

  5. let’s not forget genetics and tons of plastic surgery!
    “I believe you can do anything”–let’s see you fly off the roof, Suzanne. Better yet, let’s see you act.
    it’s never Lupus!

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