Misogyny Ahoy!

Boating and Cooking coverThe Woman’s Guide to Boating & Cooking

Submitter: Ahoy ye landlubbers! This book floated across my desk this week and I thought to submit it to you.  The condition is what landed it on my little island of a desk. There are some very practical items in the book, like knot tying and sailing information. However, it’s buoyed by its dated ideology. Enjoy the scans before this one is cast off to the recycling bin.

Holly: Fashion, interior design, cooking, “boatkeeping,” and potato wine. Women can have it all…on a boat, no less!

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Potato wine


Reindeer Stew

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  1. What’s worse than housework?

    Housework in a tiny space that moves all the time, with limited supplies and equipment!

    Presumably the skipper is on deck doing fun sailing things and drinking martinis while the “little woman” is down below in the dark doing constant cooking and cleaning. While making “wine” that sounds worse than prison toilet wine. And I hope random white people aren’t eating actual turtles nowadays.

    “Seafarer v. Tourist — a Delightful Difference”.

    Yeah, when you’re a tourist, someone ELSE does the cooking (in a regular kitchen) and cleaning!

    Did she stay married to this guy, divorce him and make him take the boat, or (whisper it) did he “accidentally” fall overboard one night after she’d been hitting the potato wine?

        1. Considering there’s such a thing as turtle farming I still say it’s okay to eat turtles so long as you know where they came from.

      1. But she’s dismissed the possibility of their home sinking and them drowning for the horrors of having to clean the kitchen.

        1. I was going to say that that was on page 31 and the earlier pages were where she probably put that BUT … I found it on the Internet Archive to check out and threw that thought out when I discovered some of the contents:
          * First, their scanned copy is filthy in the same places on the cover as this one. Interesting.
          * page 7: “Vamping on the High Seas”
          * page 8: “Our yacht club happens to be the Chester Creek Outfalls Sewer Yacht Club … its burgee is emblazoned with crossed plumbers’ helpers and a blue chamber pot …”
          * page 10: “We received our first gun salute … in Venezuela. It was at a time when international relations were particularly shaky … we thought they were shooting at us.”
          * page 13: “the COCKTAIL flag … a plain rectangle embellished with a martini glass.”
          * page 28: “… nasty brown epaulets”

          This is one that is SO WORTH laughing through yourself. I just returned it so you can check it you yourself: https://archive.org/details/womansguidetoboa0000morg/

    1. I’d think that might ruin your pan. And it’s a waste of oil, too; fried model sailboat doesn’t have any nutritional value.

      Try frying the taters instead! Better than turning them into “wine”

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