Millionaire Real Estate Stripper Gospel

Multimillionaire coverThe Art of Becoming a Multimillionaire Real Estate Investor

Submitter: This book came from my public library. (In fact, it was purchased as a memorial book.)

So, I came across this gem in my business section. I think the back cover speaks for itself: body builder to stripper to real estate agent who then marries his “African American Wife.” There’s a lot going on here. I’m also confused as to whether this is a book about real estate investing, a biography, or a gospel. Take your pick! In fact here’s more.

Holly: Is Magic Mike doing a bicep pose, or punching her in the breast? This is a really odd choice for a memorial purchase. I’d like to have met the person it was purchased in memory of (and maybe the librarian who chose it, too).

author photo

multimillionaire back cover

Big girl panties

Godfather's Testimony

Donahue Show

Millionaire wife


  1. They have the same face, just in different colors! Seriously, look at the front cover.

    And the “African American” is his second wife, so did the first one die or did he ignore that thing Jesus said about not divorcing?

  2. I did the first four bullets, I just forgot the last step, “Sell with large returns!”

    Where was this book when I needed it?

  3. they really look like poor quality wax figures. not like Madame Tussauds but from Costco.

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