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McFarland and Sparks

At first glance I thought this was about Little People driving.  It only had three circulations since automation (around 1995).  It looks like it was added to the collection in the late 70’s.  As I started looking through the book, I realized that this could be a good title for a collection.  I am certain many would-be auto engineers (and probably the grown-ups too) would really like something of this nature.  However, it probably isn’t what the kids are looking for since the cover is a bit odd and just looks old. Anyone out there on the interwebs have any ideas about this kind of material?  (The panicky mom in me is also concerned about the ages of the kids in this book and the safety issues.)

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  1. And once again we own this. But part that really jumps out to me is that the Google Books link in our OPAC for this book is actually for a Holocaust book. Yikes.

  2. I survived my go-kart years helmetless. Of course then the town was so small that a dog walking down main street would be safe. 38 yrs. makes a difference!

  3. At a minimum, something with current pricing and part sources would be better. Also modern safety info.

  4. Right–50 year old pricing info isn’t going to be very useful, and I’m pretty sure helmets are required nowadays. I also wonder if the kinds of cars kids are interested in have changed–Jeeps are still around, but a lot of other brands aren’t.

  5. Notice that there are no girls in these pictures. At a guess, I would say that there are none anywhere in the book. What, girls don’t wanna have fun?

  6. Good sod–I took this one out of the library when I was in my ‘tween years. I recall it vividly.

    I always wanted to build one like this … Although I had a mental vision of a flaming skeleton on the hood, powered by propane.

    For some reason my father never seemed to raise the requisite interest to help me form the tubular steel frame I envisioned, and the project collapsed.

    Fortunately I’m now old enough to bash my knuckles on cars that have at least passed a minimum design test.

  7. Oh, good grief, my library has not one but several copies of this. We get a lot of requests from kids for books on go-karts, but I suspect this isn’t quite what they have in mind. Good news is our copy of this hasn’t gone out for the last 4 years – guess it’s weeding time!

  8. We have a couple of copies in storage at our main library but I remember weeding it decades ago from my branch! Those helmet-less daredevils prove once that kids can’t themselves today like we used to. Now the Power Wheels cars all have batteries.

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