Miami Vice Scrapbook

Miami Vice ScrapbookMiami Vice Scrapbook

Submitter: In the 1980s, my mom worked for Tiger Beat and Right On! magazines and parlayed into a gig writing books about music and TV stars for Sharon Starbook, which included this illustrious tome.

Holly: It’s alive and well. (Not “well,” exactly, but it’s still out there!) Worldcat lists 19 holding libraries. 19 of you have some weeding to do. I’d love to see some interior shots of this book, though. If anyone wants to send some, I’ll update the post!


  1. My cousin got married in 1987. The groom and groomsmen wore Miami Vice inspired tuxedos. Mauve with darker mauve lapels for the groomsmen and a white tux for the groom. They were the coolest tuxes I’d ever seen. We all wore Miami Vice sunglasses for some pictures and it was hard to imagine any wedding party more stylish than us.

  2. Nice work Mom got into! Gather up studio publicity shots and press releases, assemble them into a book, and cash that paycheck.

    The 19 libraries need to put that book up for sale on eBay for the nostalgics.

    @Michelle: not gonna lie, I’d like to see those. Loved that show.

  3. I never saw the show as a kid, I only saw other kids wearing shirts that had “Miami Mice” parodies printed on them. I’ve never been a fan of crime drama. Or any kind of drama, really. Too much of it in the real world as it is.

  4. My wife and I just watched a few episodes of this. I didn’t get to watch it when originally aired because I think it was on the same time as Moonlighting and my roommate (who owned the TV) watched Moonlighting.

  5. Who even cares about MIAMI VICE today? Judging from a rerun I once saw of it, its the kind of show that SHOULD stay in the 80’s when it originally aired.

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