Medical Mystery People

hospital doctors coverThe Hospital Doctors, Nurses and Mystery Workers

Submitter: [This book] has a great title, but sadly lacks the content to back it up. I found this book on the careers shelf at a small urban public library. With the word Mystery Workers in the title, I was intrigued. I thought perhaps they were introducing the reader to some type of spiritual or holistic medical careers. Nope. Mystery Workers just refers the people behind the scenes. Like the chefs, x-ray technicians, and billing. You can see from the date and the photos that this book is old! Not so helpful to someone who is actively thinking of a career in the healthcare industry. Still on shelf after 38 years.

Holly: This looks like a cool book, back in its day. I like the title for exactly the reason it got your attention. It’s definitely a weeder now, though!

inside flap

hospital computer operator

medical secretary

medical records library

hospital communications center



  1. Really? A switchboard? In 1976? Uh … I think this hospital was not on the cutting edge (pun not intended but there all the same).

        1. Well…it is depicting scenes in the UK. Americans gave up smoking before large numbers of people did in other places. And, actually, I had a big debate in this century with a cousin who is a cardiac surgeon in The Netherlands, about whether the OR nurses should be allowed smoking breaks. (Between operations, I assume.) My contention was that as healthcare professionals they shouldn’t be smoking at all — his was merely that it disrupted his routines.

            1. Oops! You are right, I stand corrected — so much for that hypothesis regarding ashtrays. They are definitely odd to see in a medical environment. That Surgeon General’s report did come out in 1968, I think.

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