Meat for Dinner (Again!)

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Famous Brands
Meat Cookbook
Brand Name Publishing

I don’t know how many more of these tasty recipes I can manage. They are everywhere on our site. The problem with hanging on to old cookbooks in a regular collection is that the photography or illustrations aren’t really helping the recipes.

Cookbooks and recipes go in and out of fashion. Vintage cookbooks are definitely an interesting collectable, but modern library collections really need to see if these items meet the library mission. If you have space and budget, you can hang onto a few of your oldies but goodies or maybe make a display. Pass your retro collections off to good homes.


meat appetizers and crudite

Beef goulash and other recipes

ground beef recipes



      1. I have seen a butter candle, yes I have. The flame burns, melts the butter and guests gingerly dip their croutons in the puddle surrounding the flame.
        I have not seen a butter fire pit or a butter chimenea.

  1. I didn’t even see the word “cookbook” at first, so I thought it was just titled (and illustrated) MEAT.

    Does what it says on the tin, I guess!

    Cold Meat Ziggurat by the pond is… a choice.

    Both the “food” and the background on page 22 (excessive orange) are stomach-turning.

    What a pain it must be to get the salad out of the weird-shaped bowl next to the mini-meat loaves, even with tongs.

  2. I always play a game in my head when I see these books. “What would I eat if I had no choice?” This one is a hard one. Maybe the radishes?

    1. I’d have the beef tenderloin. It’s just roasted, although I suspect in 1985 it’d be overcooked. Still, it’s only MEAT, not formed into some weird shape. Maybe the teriyaki, but I’d use bottled sauce rather than making one with sherry(!)

      If you’re vegetarian, obviously anything from the MEAT cookbook is not for you. Maybe the veggies in the pic next to Structural Ham.

      1. I have a great chicken cookbook because it was given as a present to a friend of mine who’s a vegetarian.

  3. I wouldn’t be too hard on these old cookbooks. Sure, the illustrations make everything look like it came from a medical textbook and the ‘salads’ look like grade school art projects but many of the recipes are still viable with modern updates.

    40 years ago, when we were first married, there were certain dishes we loved. When I look at the original recipes I’m aghast at how much fat and salt they contained.

    We still make the dishes with changes to make them healthier and refer to the originals for nostalgia’s sake.

  4. You’ve been away too long! Welcome back with such a worthy selection for weeding: MEAT cookbook

    There must be a pop song for your return! Blackpink: here is a suggestion for a new song, but I know you’re not taking notes.

    1. Jami is not the Blackpink type, I’m guessing?

      Perhaps we could get Manilow to compose a goofy jingle incorporating her name and some favorite topics of ALB. She’d like that.

      1. I’m utterly confused.

        I’m usually around but not everything posted is something I feel the need to comment on.

        Since he’s made a career of making vintage recipes I couldn’t help but mention B. Dylan, however.

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    This is what MEAT means to me.
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  6. I love the (maybe) coincidental ALB posting order that led to “Contingency Cannibalism” link at the bottom of this post

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